Friday, June 17, 2011

AdSense video tutorials that stand above the crowd.

Have you ever thought those who claim to be earning a full time income through Google AdSense are lying? I thought so but soon came to conclusion that they are not lying but exaggerating. I thought their pride would be at stake if they disclose the real (actually low) earnings.

I received my first Google AdSense check after 8 months.

I too maintain several blogs.
I write useful posts that are 100% unique.

Nevertheless, the earnings per day never exceeded $11.
What am I doing wrong?
What else do I have to learn to implement to see consistent $10 per day?

Are there any Google AdSense video tutorials that stand above the crowd?
Can anyone assure their strategies would fetch $10 per day through 5 blogs/websites?

No! I don't think there are any clear cut methods to earn $10 per day through AdSense.

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