Saturday, July 02, 2011

This Internet Business idea can inspire you.

Yesterday, I coined this phrase: "You either sell from a website or sell a website". The person who was opposite to me stared for a few seconds. He smiled and nodded. It was clear that he understood all bout making money online at that instant.

He then requested me to show him one of my blog posts that he said he read recently. It was about making money by creating and selling short reports. Words and ideas tumbled out of his mouth. It seemed a flood gate of ideas opened from him.

This was the gist of my blog post on Create your own short reports for money.

The Internet’s greatest Cash Cow is creating your own short report on myriad hot searches and selling it easily over the web to hungry buyers.

You can start your own online business with no or very little capital!

The potential of selling information to hungry buyers is grossly under realized .

Huge money is made in the virtual marketplace than any other known medium.

He read these sentences aloud as if he was pushing it down his mind deeply.

He thanked me and went out promising to send me his first short report with in 6 hours. Man, that I would call it inspired action.

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