Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Do you want discounted ATV tires?

Minutes after the all terrain vehicle entered the by-pass ghat road, I regretted my decision to go on a joy ride. No wonder the road was in poor shape; after all, it was meant exclusively for tougher ATVs. The second hand ATV that my neighbor bought was yet to be fitted with suitable ATV Tires that would have made the ride into the forest more enjoyable.

My host apologized for the inconvenience. He told that he was excited to take the ATV for a trial run before he fitted it with ATV tires and refurbish the upholstery.

I silently endured the bumpy ride (bumpy is a poor expression). I did not know much about all terrain vehicles and I kept mum. However, I volunteered to check out where my host can buy discounted ATV tires.

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