Saturday, July 09, 2011

5 simple steps to propagate your blogs through Facebook.

I am skeptic about Facebook marketing and I know I will be laughed at; so be it.

However, that should not deter you from getting to know about the following 5 ways to propagate your blog through Facebook.

1. The first thing for you to do is add your blogs to your Facebook profile. If you edit your contact info, you can add all your blogs.

2. Post your blog post's URL by sharing it as 'Links'. It works like social bookmarking.

3. Create groups

Facebook groups fare better participation the Google groups. (Ah, there, you know the advantages of creating and participating in Google groups!). Facebook groups are ideal platform to connect with similar interest bloggers.

4. Publish your blogs' feed using Blog RSS Feed Reader.
This is a wonderful application of Facebook. Add this application to your facebook profile, add your blog's RSS feed URL.

5. Making a Facebook page
The latest craze is creating a fanpage to market your products and services. With the exit of FBML, iFrame is now used to create stunning looking fanpages, sales pages and landing pages. Handling this new script requires some knowledge and experience.
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