Saturday, July 30, 2011

Would Google plus help your blog?

If you are also going to blog about Google plus, never write as Google +.

How bloggers can make use of Google plus to attract more targeted visitors? This question is widely raised in the Internet marketing forums and as expected, answers are diverse. Though the number indicates that there are already 10 million Google plus users, I feel it would take a long time to make the Facebook loyalists to betray Facebook.

Here are some answers that I gathered from various places in the web:

* Google allows to place links to your blogs. This means you can also link to your digital foot print.
* Sharing of information is allowed like any other social networking sites.
* I find it easy to add friends and people with similar interests.

Due to lack of patience, I give below a link to a blog post that has pointed several features of Google plus.

It will help you to grasp the full potential of Google plus.
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