Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blogsvertise has opened up more avenues for bloggers.

If you are a member of blogsvertise, you might have noticed a few new features aimed at letting you earn more. If by chance, had you not noticed, please read further.

The three new features:
* Grab bag restrictions removed
* Add your Twitter profile URL
* Allow Blogsvertise to access your Facebook profile.

Grab Bags:
The earlier rule allowed you to grab just one bag irrespective of the number of approved blogs in your profile. Now, you can grab a bag against each of your blog provided you see the bags.

Facebook APP and Twitter Profile
Blogsvertise's database of advertisers now want more social media exposure apart from blog advertisements.

If you want:

* Get alerts on your Facebook of new tasks & grab bag availability.

* To communicate & connect with other bloggers of blogsvertise

* To be paid extra for becoming a fan or like an advertisers page.

* To earn extra for Tweeting advertisers' message

Please go to your dashboard on Blogsvertise and click on relevant links to get you moving in the right direction.

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