Monday, September 26, 2011

Auto shop software for automobile engineering students.

Do you think automobile engineering education industry teaches students about auto shop software, a wonderful time saving program that is used by automobile service stations? The program is actually a repair estimating software that every big garages where repairs are undertaken after auto collision.

Car owners would want a detailed estimate of repair cost after their cars were involved in major accidents that cause considerable damage to their vehicles.

In addition, vehicle insurance companies also would demand a printed report of the extent of damage and the cost of getting the vehicle back into shape.

I believe, students of automobile engineering are not given proper training in this area. They learn such matters only after they gain employment.

When I asked one automobile engineering student about this, he defended his school for not foraying into the topic because there are several auto shop software used and they can’t be taught about how to use all of them.

Well, I did not accept his view.

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