Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blogging made easy with new wordpress video tutorials.

Yes, I too felt like thousands of bloggers. Initially wordpress blogging platform was mind boggling for me. I procrastinated learning the wordpress blogging for nearly three years. I could say even now, I am not as comfortable with wordpress as I am with blogger.

In addition, the frequent version update of wordpress software is not helping me. Nevertheless, I always manage and somehow get to learn it and implement it too.

WordPress can be quite intimidating for most people . Navigating through new dashboard, plugins that fail due to incompatibility, news about advanced plugins from veterans would surely put you off.

Here is a fantastic solution for every aspiring bloggers. My mentor Aaron has put up an exclusive website through which he offers 100 plus video tutorials on wordpress blogging. Since, they are available only for online viewing, you can always get all the updated videos.

This is something no aspiring wordpress blogger can afford to ignore.
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