Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A review of Blog Distributor.

Has anyone had any success with Blog Distributors? Only yesterday I stumbled on to and wondered why it did not come to my attention till then!

It is probably not a favorite among my fellow pro-bloggers. The site does not have any information about the owners though it has published its full street address.

I believe bloggers can submit their blogs of lower page rank too. Blog Distributor gives just 48 hours to complete a task but they pay only once in a month which might put of several bloggers who are used to get their payment in one or two weeks.

A review ( of Blog Distributor said that only U.S. and Canada bloggers are accepted though I did not find it in the FAQ of the site.

What I like about the site is you only need to a write a 100 words review to get paid.
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