Saturday, November 05, 2011

Put at least one log furniture in your house

Man, how I hated to part with a massive cot made of high quality log! My husband inherited it from his great grandfather who was a forest ranger during his period. When I moved into my in-law’s place after marriage, I openly appreciated their tasteful log furniture that looked very appealing to me.

Now, after so many years of serving us, the giant log bed begged to be put into the fireplace. During my 25 years of married life, I changed the bed furnishing more than 8 times. I enjoyed shopping for cushions and covers for the log furniture in my house that included a set of lounge chairs, a rocking easy chair apart from the big sized bed.

The smaller furniture had to be thrown out long back. My husband somehow managed to maintain the log bed but finally gave up.

Try to put at least one log furniture in your house and see the difference in the overall appearance of your home.

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