Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who guarantees a trouble free motor home?

Yes, there is Good Sam where you can get your motor home repair done by the best RV expert if you buy comprehensive breakdown insurance from Good Sam, American’s top rated and most sought after RV people.

I know your next question:

What if I have a new motor home and the vehicle is protected against manufacturer’s warranty?”

No issue dear. Good Sam’s breakdown insurance would take that into account and the insurance coverage would apply after the expiry of manufacturer’s warranty. This would mean, your RV would have a continuous coverage giving no tension or worry at all about repair expenses.

Good Sam’s breakdown insurance offers more unheard of benefits such as travel benefits (visit, 30 days money back guarantee and more.

The offer of money back guarantee speaks highly of their confidence in their products and services.

I wish Good Sam operates in other nations too.

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