Saturday, November 19, 2011

Write blog posts and get paid.

Here is the first British blog marketing company that I came to know of a couple of days ago through Google PPC advertisement. At first, I was reluctant to join as I was (in fact I am still) skeptic because it is a tough field to compete with 50 other U.S. based blog marketers.

Then I thought I would join anyway and blog for the benefit of British bloggers who might not yet know of this Blog Marketing Company yet. Once, long ago, I received an email from an European that only through this blog, he usually comes to know of sponsored blogging sites. What a compliment!

Post Genius insists on verifying your blog's ownership at the time of registering with them. In fact, it is to be completed on the first step itself before moving further with the signup process.

Blogs on all blogging platforms are accepted provided the blogs sport at least Google PR1.

Apart from that, there is nothing for experienced pro-bloggers while signing up. There is a bit of encouragement for bloggers that have wide contacts and can induce people to signup by clicking on their affiliate link.

I am assuming myself as one such blogger . Therefore, if you signup by clicking on the image below, I stand to gain financially provided you earn through Post Genius. Decent disclosure-eh?

Make Money Blogging with Posts Genius
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