Monday, November 14, 2011

Who supplies Prototype SMT Stencils?

I am sure you might have seen a finished printed circuit board (PCB). Have you ever seen a raw stencil (the basic metal board before mounting the electronic components)?

Look at both the images here.

PCB manufacturers first outsource a prototype SMT Stencil. Since the cost of developing Prototype SMT Stencils is high, PCB assemblers always outsource them from leading Prototype developers who employ Fine Line Stencil technology these days.

This involves applying laser to create the cut out of the basic metal board called stencil. The electronic appliances and gadgets have undergone a sea of changes. We all want everything small.

In order to manufacture small electronic devices, PCBs should be very small so as to hold components measuring just a few millimeters long. They are called 01005 components.

To mount such micro size electronic components, the SMT stencil has to be precision made using laser cutting technology.

You must be wondering why I am writing all these! I just asked one of my ex students what is he currently doing and for the next two hours I had to listen to his monologue. The above was an excerpt.

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