Saturday, November 12, 2011

How bloggers should react to Google Freshness?

By now, the entire blogosphere must be fully aware of the 'Freshness' algorithm that the mighty Google (I always call it mighty) has started implementing in its search results indexing. It is barely 10 days old I believe.

How bloggers are affected by Google Freshness?
After reading the Google Blog several times, I understood this much:
* Blogs that are not updated at least thrice a week are likely to lose out organic traffic

As Google right said, different searches command different freshness needs. To explain this further, Google aptly pointed to the search term 'fast tomato sauce recipe'. Even if the recipe was posted a few years ago, it might be still be useful as it is very unlikely that another recipe for the same would contain new ingredients or a different method of preparation.

Bloggers who rely on search engine traffic more than other avenues, should stay updated on their topics of interest and post it in their blogs within a few hours preferably.

Overall, I firmly believe blogs command more chances of appearing in search engine results than other forms of websites.

Here is the proof:

I searched this search phrase: "how to manifest "
Look at the screenshot of this term in Google keyword tool that shows 1.83 million searches per month.

Now look at the Google search results below. It is the first page of the search results. Most of them are blogs.

I am surprised to find even my blog post wrote two years ago, sits at the bottom of the first page.

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