Thursday, January 19, 2012

Buy nursing scrubs at just $5

Isn’t she smart looking in one of those Marcus nursing scrubs? What a change nursing garbs had undergone since the first nursing school was opened in England way back in 1960 when nurses wore full length dress similar to a nun’s habit.

Convenience of moving around compelled for evolution in medical uniforms. Getting in and out of lifts in a jiffy, jumping two steps at a time in staircases required nurses to wear shorter garbs.

Only a few months ago, I informed my sister-in-law who is a gynecologist about Marcus’s range of medical accessories that include nursing uniforms, hospital shoes and stethoscopes.

She did not show much interest in shoes and stethoscopes but she evinced keen interest in nurses’ accessories. She especially liked the colored and flowered scrubs sold at just $5.

She owns a specialty nursing home that always runs short of nurses. As she has to frequently employ nurses, she used to buy medical uniforms for them in large quantities of different sizes.

I think the prices of Marcus nursing scrubs suited her.

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