Monday, January 16, 2012

Can affiliate marketing be taught personally?

A young person tentatively approached me and inquired if affiliate marketing can be taught personally. I thought for a while. Who taught me affiliate marketing?

None that I remember. As ever, I learnt it online on my own. I read affiliate marketing forums, subscribed to several blogs' newsletter, poured over Squidoo lenses to grasp the basics of affiliate marketing.

I told the youth it is possible but he needs to put in an honest effort first to learn the basics of online income earning ways through promoting products developed by others.

I showed him an extraordinary video tutorial on affiliate marketing which would teach him the fundamentals of ClickBank, keyword analysis, article writing and Internet marketing through web 2.0 properties.

I also gave him a list of forums that discussed affiliate marketing, asked him to search for Google groups on the topic and subscribe to them.

After going through all these and equipping himself with some fundamental stuff on affiliate marketing, he can ask for a two hour consultancy.

Free e-course on affiliate marketing.
As a measure to induce him him into affiliate marketing, I led him to a site free he can grab a free e-course on affiliate marketing.

By the look on his face, I thought he would not dare to open his computer again.

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