Monday, January 02, 2012

You are a blogger; but are you there?

My surprise took a back seat when a person expressed incredulity when I said to him that I make money by blogging. Who is a novice here?

My assumption that everyone in the world knows money can be made by blogging is obviously wrong! Not even 1% of the world population knows pro-blogging is possible. For millions of Indians especially, professional blogging is a very new concept.

Even IT professionals with a basic understanding of today’s interactive web technology are not aware of the frontiers of pro-blogging. My relative’s son who is an IT graduate was agape with open mouth when I told him what I know about the types of web hosting, web 2.0 properties, social media signals in Internet marketing and so on.

Millions of online income opportunity seekers have absolutely no idea that every day there are more and more people are managing to turn their weblogs into cash cows to supplement their income. The number of pro bloggers is growing by leaps and bounds. One particular blog marketing company that I work for has 55,000 pro-bloggers in its database.

I participate in several bloggers’ communities. I personally know many bloggers there that dream of entering the sphere of professional blogging. However, not all of the aspiring pro-bloggers are willing to devote an hour or more each day to their blog.

Will pro-blogging continue to exist after 10 years?

I believe so because, not all pro-bloggers know the art and meaning of blogging. They all fall victims to the demands of web content managers who want 400 to 800 words articles. They too are mistaken about the structure of a blog post. I foresee a big fall in this trend of making every blog to look like a pointless article directory that is only filled with re-written garbage.

I once read a sentence somewhere in the web. It is an apt outcry.

“You are a blogger; but are you there”?

Since it very clear that the world of pro-blogging is constantly changing and the bloggers are forced to dance to the frequently changing tunes of the mighty Google, it is very difficult to predict exactly where the pro-bloggers will be or what kinds of blogs will be floating alive, five or ten years down the road.

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