Friday, January 06, 2012

Earn money by placing text link ads.

Once again I stumbled onto a new money earning opportunity through blogs. Who said pro-blogging days are thinning out?

Look at this web site
The site is a marketplace for bloggers and advertisers. Bloggers can earn money by placing text advertisements on their blogs and also by writing about advertisers' products or services in their blogs.

Money by placing text link ads
Bloggers can either allow the ads to be placed automatically through a script or choose to place them manually. The payment share is only 50% of the revenue received by Link Vehicle from the advertisers who bought the ad space.

Money by writing reviews
Bloggers are paid for writing 200 word blog post. The number of links inside the blog post is decided by the advertiser. The price per blog post is set by you subject to approval by the advertiser. A tricky one for beginners to the pro-blogging world.

I always set my price and never compromise on it.

Click on the 'marketplace' tab to know how other bloggers have set their price based on the pagerank of their blogs.

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