Monday, February 06, 2012

Are you looking for free blog content?

Who is not looking for blog content? Even an experienced blogger like me who has already created more than 4000 unique blog posts would not mind free content that is not published anywhere in the Internet.

If you are in the habit of looking for full blog content, PLR articles are your only resources. However, if you can write a blog post containing about 200 words or less inspired by just a title or a sentence, you have oceans of them that I call content ideas.

Here are my resources for blog content:
* There are several web sites that sell niche blog content. Invariably, they show a few demo blogs. Looking at them would start you immediately.
* Review blogging is one big source of money for hundreds of bloggers. Their reviews of physical or digital products or services are excellent source for blog content as well as money.
* Find hot selling ebooks in clickbank. Their titles are ideal for writing a blog further on. Try using the same title.

I hope these very productive ideas would make you think and look creatively.
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