Thursday, February 02, 2012

Special foam mattress for stomach sleepers.

Would you have believed if I told you that there is a special Memory foam mattress for those who habitually sleep on their stomach? In addition, do you know that the thickness of the foam mattress for stomach sleepers should not exceed 2 inches?
People who find comfort if they sleep on their back have reported no pain on their lower back. Do you know the scientific reason behind this?
I have more information for people who sleep on their sides or on back and what kind of foam mattress should they choose and why?
What should be the ideal thickness of the foam mattress that gives you more relief from pressures?
I am sure you are amazed at all these information. There is more to buying foam mattress for different kinds of sleepers.
I think I have to buy myself a separate foam mattress which implies that I have to ask my husband to sleep on the couch.
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