Saturday, March 31, 2012

Free design for tailor made lapel pins.

The business of making custom lapel pins made of metal, plastic and Cloisonné must be a satisfying work. It is a great team work involving graphics artists who understand the requirements of customers who invariably give a vague idea of what they have in mind.

From the image they give, graphics artists go about preparing the logo in various color combinations for approval by clients. Once the design and slogan is completed, the work is handed over to those who go about making it in any one of the basic material mentioned above.

Yesterday, I stumbled onto, a very attractive lapel pins web site. The site offers free logo design. I have seen some of the lapel pins made by them. I am captivated by myriad shapes and colors of lapel pins made of metal.

Look at the images of a few die struck lapel pins. Aren’t they looking solid and majestic?

The founder of Jeff, ex- United States Marine has built a team of efficient engravers and creative artists and designers.

If I ever need a custom lapel pin, my choice would be

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