Friday, March 30, 2012

Getting more Twitter followers.

I think the mad rush to get more number of Twitter followers is almost thinned out. In fact, Facebook continue to attract more and more Internet marketers and leaving the Twitter to just social animals though I never liked this expression.

I expect Twitter to get back its star status if changes are brought in it. If the links in Tweets are made 'do-follow', even I would become more active in Twitter.

For those who expect to ride on Twitter glory, here are some ideas to get more followers:

* I follow-you follow
The age old method of 'I scratch your back and you scratch mine' is the best method to increase your followers count though I am sure it would make little difference to your business tweets.
Don't apply this rule to my twitter profile. I won't reciprocate if you are not in my industry.

* Visit a few Twitter directories
Twitter directories are ideal to find people in who are in the same industry and follow them. This technique can help you to increase your followers instantly and there would be a meaning in getting such Tweeters.

Here are a few good Twitter directories:

· Find Tweeters by tags.

· A twitter yellow pages.

· Twitter directory neatly categorized Another directory of Twitters and Tweets

* Put a ‘Follow me’ Twitter badge visibly on your blog

* Develop friendship by Retweeting tweets that you liked and found to be useful.

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