Friday, March 30, 2012

Strikingly bold prom dress worn by a plus size girl.

In sheer admiration, I appreciated her boldness when she strode into the party hall in a long prom plus size dress that enhanced her voluptuousness. It was not at all surprising to see her surrounded by many.

I grabbed a chance to take her aside for a few minutes and inquired about her plus size prom. Oddly shy, she confessed that she took her time to browse through various catalogues and finally designed and even stitched her own party dress.

It was a lemon yellow long gown with beads placed around the waist. Again it was odd for a prom dress but looked refreshing. I think it was the sight of beads in a prom gown made me label her as bold.

I visualized her gown with a bottle green band around her waist instead of multi-colored beads. No, I did not like it and quickly erased it from my mind.

The plus size girl would make a great fashion designer if she chooses so.

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