Saturday, March 17, 2012

More money for writing reviews.

Those who are already earning money by blogging through various monetization ways, should be aware of, that hires blog publishers to write reviews of websites, place text links in their blogs and get paid for them.

Linkvehicle has launched another feature by which bloggers can make more money without doing any extra work. They call itTopLinks program!

How Do I Get Started?

If you are already a registered blogger/publisher with, just log in, click on the blogs you've registered. You will find new check box beside a new feature called "Participate in TopLinks". Check the box and hit submit if you want to earn more money from the blog reviews you already published for

Ongoing income for reviews:

When an advertiser buys a review from the LinkVehicle marketplace, they can upgrade to a TopLink if the website (your blog) is a participant. Apart from being paid normally for the review, you will continue to receive half that amount you already received every month that the TopLink runs.

Are you worried about more out going links?

Since it is an internal link, it won't count against your outgoing links for SEO purposes.

TopLinks will help you convert the one-time income from writing reviews into an ongoing source of revenue.

What Does This Mean For Text-Link Publishers?

If you can add new pages to your site, you can participate in TopLinks!

When an advertiser requests content, simply create a simple HTML document on a new page. Place an internal link on your homepage to this document and you're all set! You'll receive a one-time payment for creating the content and a recurring payment for half that amount every month the TopLink runs

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