Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Upholstery for wrought aluminum patio chairs.

I found myself nodding my head to the suggestion of aluminum patio furniture by my son though I personally was in favor of wicker furniture in the garden. Well, this is his first purchase and I let him have his preference.

Majority of the people are of the opinion that cane furniture in the patio gives a rustic look. Even the vendor would tell you that. However, I don’t agree with this popular notion. If properly upholstered, wicker chairs would give a very rich look to the entire place.

If you prefer aluminum furniture for your patio, please take a note of the following points:

· Avoid green cushions as it doesn’t offer a great visibility because of green surroundings unless of course your house is in a desert.

· The color of the upholstery should contrast the color of the floor tiles.

· If you have a lawn, then, choose white seat covers.

· Even though aluminum is rust proof, its coatings tend to peel off when exposed to the sun and water for long hours. Therefore, store them inside the garage when not in use for long duration.

· Living in coastal area, I have seen the effect of salty breeze on outdoor metal furniture. Buy painted aluminum chairs for your outdoors.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. If you decide to buy aluminum chairs for your patio, ask for wrought aluminum for stylish look.

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