Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why buy Nanoweb coated Elixir Guitar & Bass Strings?

I questioned my son’s choice of Elixir Guitar & Bass Strings when he bought heavy gauge strings. He only started playing electric guitar about 8 months before. The transition from playing medium to heavy gauge bass strings requires much longer experience.
My son pacified me saying he knows what he is doing. He recently joined another band where other guitar players are professionals and they insisted that he join their troupe as a heavy player.
I know something about electric guitars that are strummed with a pick. The material used to make strings have undergone lot of changes. From steel to nylon coated brass strings, the transition took time.
Now, I believe that nanoweb coated bass strings are used in Elixir brand guitars that are preferred by most guitar players in the world. Majority of people don’t know that nanoweb coating is otherwise known as Teflon coating.
I promised my son that I will accompany his new troupe once my holidays begin on 1st May.
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