Saturday, May 26, 2012

How to test social media signals?

Of late, we keep reading frequently of social media signals, social butterflies etc making us wonder whether we are getting worthy signals to our social media marketing.

I picked up some very interesting infostats about social signals, steps to be taken beforehand and finally measure the results. Naturally, we have to take Google as the weighbridge.

6 sites in name niche were marketed through the following highly popular social media marketing methods:
1. Getting followers to a Google Plus page 
2. Getting G+ votes
3. Getting FaceBook likes
4. Getting retweets
5. Getting Twitter followers

The first method pushed up the site in Google SERPs by 14.63 position! What does this imply?
Obviously, Google values its own social signals.


Google Panda and Penguin (BTW, who gives such names )
 updates have created big ripples in the social marketing ocean.

Every blog post of every respected blog master that I have subscribed to mentions these social media signals, social butterflies etc but they don't really elaborate on what next to do.

 I have read enough of writing unique, keyword rich content for better SE rankings. Is there any worthy ebook or step by step guide on strengthening social media signals?
Any recommendation?
How to test social media signals?
 Thanks in advance.
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