Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The sound of Paiste Cymbal.

“A cymbal is a cymbal, what else is there in it” I asked a budding music director friend of my husband. He has an uncanny knack of befriending film personalities. For most of us, a cymbal means a thin metal plate that takes heavy beating from the man behind it.

However, musicians frown on such remark. The visiting music director was no exception. Without uttering a word, he opened his laptop (I thought he carried a music instrument in the bag), logged onto the Internet and opened Paiste Cymbals guitar center.

He pressed a few buttons before finally turning to me and showed a web page full of cymbals of various make. He asked me to identify the metal from which each cymbal is made.

Do you know what? 100% of my answers were wrong.

I vowed never to opine about things of which I am a novice.
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