Wednesday, May 02, 2012

If you are in a bar, post your blog post to....

 If you are sitting a bar and just completed publishing a blog post, you can promote it in Foursquare, a leading social network.

If you think it is not a very interesting blog post,you can post it in Linkedin.

Very amusing and odd-isn't it?

I read this piece of information on a blog post titled, Flowchart to Decide Which Social Network to Post on!  

Visit the link above for information about blog promotion through social media sites.

It was written by Aditya Kane as a guest blog post in, a blog to which I have subscribed to its Rss feed. Authored by Rahul Bansal, it has some great content that every bloggers should read.

Bloggers are constantly influenced articles and blog post about the importance of promoting the blog posts in social networking sites to gain visitors. In this effort, a blog post written about nursery rhymes would be promoted on social network for musicians. Yes, it is true.

While promoting in social media sites, bloggers should be very choosy about which social sites are suitable to carry your blog post.
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