Sunday, June 24, 2012

Buy and sell Google + related services.

Increase Google +  circles

Yesterday I stumbled onto a site which is similar to Fiverr. In this freelancer marketplace, one can buy Google +.

PlusGigs is a marketplace where users of Google+ can exchange serivces that they offer and where buyers can obtain such services.

I think I have not explained it clearly.

Here is a screenshot of various gigs in  

There is a mad rush already for getting big social media marketing. Google + is the leader in the pack. Webmasters and bloggers are falling head over heals to please their might master Google. They are hell bent on increasing their G+ circles.

It is shrewd on the part of to start G+ services marketing.
Interesting concept. I think there are more sellers of G+ related services than buyers.

I wonder how long it will last!

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