Saturday, June 16, 2012

Google Plus Profiles directory.

After I created a Google plus page for my Blogging Academy, I went about gathering knowledge about how to promote it. Got the hang of circles and played around it for some time.

Naturally, I wanted  to build my circle quickly. I wanted to find Google plus profiles of people who share my interests.

I searched for a directory of G+ profiles where I can search with certain keywords.

I found out this Google Plus Profiles directory.
It has over 45 Million Google+ users indexed. I could search for G+ profiles by my city (Chennai). Well, M.S. Dhoni's Google plus profile stared at me and tempted me to add him into my circles.

I ignored my temptation and keyed in "Bloggers India".
I saw several in this URL:

You can find people by relationship, education, gender, occupation, country and city.

You too can add your Google plus profile by simply clicking on the "Add/Update me to directory" button found at the top left corner, just about the web site name.
There is more in the directory. Go take a peep.
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