Monday, June 11, 2012

Why Local SEO is important?

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the only way to flourish for local businesses in any place in the world. Los Angeles is no exception.

Getting your business in the web is absolutely essential and it is all the more important to get found in Google local. I am seeing so many excellent services being offered in Madras but only a few of them have online presence. I am sure the others are losing business.

Those who are wise to advertise their services or products through web site and further optimize it in local search engines have clearly ahead of their competitors. Online reach is very critical for all sizes of business.

Organic SEO
Websites that are introduced to you because you used major search engines like Google or Yahoo! are said to contain organic traffic. The tweaking of your web site as per search and indexing parameters of search engines is called Organic SEO.

Here is an that appeared in “Times of India” on June 8th under “Chennai Times”. The discount beauty package is really attractive. It would have made people stand in queue had the Sayana beauty parlor and spa had a mini website or blog to enable people to contact them. 

Alternatively, had Sayana beauty parlor created Google plus page and optimized in Google maps, their online presence would get them noticed by all the residents of Chennai.

If you want to find a beauty parlour in your neighborhood Shenoy Nagar, you would either do a Google or call Just Dial. Hard copy Yellow Pages have become obsolete because it takes considerable time in finding what you want. We all want immediate results and that is why services like just Dial are highly preferred.

Another example:
A friend of mine is teaching advanced accountancy to professional finance executives and M.Com students. He is doing part time teaching only. If only he had a social profile in G+ and optimized it locally, he can quit his regular job

Geo-Targeting (City/State)
Since you are searching for a service in a specific local area, you should ensure that your found in local search engines. This is called GEO targeting and also called local SEO.

Local SEO (location-based search engine optimization) is a highly targeted form of optimization. By inputting the correct information of where your business is located, your website and services will appear in search results conducted by people who are in proximity to you.

Google Places Maps Optimization
Recently Google wrung several changes in its local maps and merged the feature in Google plus pages. As a business owner, you should create a Google + page and activate Google local under ‘More’ tab. 

Fill out the details, mark your location and Google maps, insert a few relevant images and you are done.

Now, it is time to promote your Google local listing in the Internet through social bookmarking sites, by leaving your link in blog comments and so on.
Your name will pop up in searches as well as Google Places. Google Places uses Google Maps to show people where your business is located and even give clear direction to people at a click of a button.

By having accurate and up-to-date information, you can optimize not only who is finding you, but how often, as well.

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