Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A native sunglass was the choice of a celebrity.

My son told me that the girl friend of Andy Murray was wearing native sunglass lenses. I had no idea of what he was referring to but I definitely liked the bluish grey colored glasses she was wearing. She looked stylish and the bottle green jersey she wore gave the impression that she was a model.

Before I asked my son more about Native sunglasses, I diverted his attention to Kim Sears, Andy Murray’s girl. I thought she looked pretty and young. It seemed the camera man at the Wimbledon’s center court heard my appreciation and he kept showing her frequently.

My son finally pulled me away from the television and showed his Native sun glasses that he recently bought in Norway. 

Ah, that explained his impatience. He was proud that his choice of sunglass was also the choice of a celebrity.
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