Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to earn $200 month by Blogging?

I have learnt how hard it is to become a problogger. Did you?

I am telling you from my 6 years of passionate blogging! Never enter the blogosphere with a sole aim of inserting a few sentences in a blog imagining that it will make you million.

Budding bloggers have so much to learn. This learning curve is really steep but that doesn’t mean you will roll down. 
If you are so much interested, you can hold my hand; I will safely see you to your first destination of earning at least $200 per month. Well, I am earning at least that much and I am willing to pass it on what I know.

Are you ready?

Fine! Just discard all your preconceived notions about how to earn money online and read on with open mind-as open as the sky.

Why finding keywords are important?
I have trained several people the art of blogging. Majority of them have informed me that they have abandoned their blogs because they didn't see a single dollar.

Do you know the reason for their failure?

They just started blogging whatever came to their mind. Sure, it is what blog was created for originally but when you want to earn by blogging, it is not the correct way.

To make money by blogging, your blog should contain solutions for what people are searching for-right?

How do you find what people want in the web?
There are tested methods to find hot key words. Internet is abundant with keywords research tools. You should use those tools, get profitable keywords and weave content around them. However, even to use the keyword research tools, require a lot of practice.

Most of you would not want to go through the pains of keyword research and analysis. You would simply ask me to just hand over the keywords.
Ok, fine with me. I understand how you feel. I know of a database of 400,000 keywords on which advertisers currently placed a bid of at least $1.

Your 400, 000 high paying keywords.
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