Monday, August 20, 2012

Professional tanning salon supplies.

The shame on my son’s face was obvious and could not be hidden. After reading a DYI article on how to use spray tanning at home, he tried but ended up with blotches. Cursing his untimely departure from Oslo, he booked a two hours slot in a nearby spa cum tanning salon.

When he looked around the posh beautician’s place, he was surprised to see so many tanning salon supplies that included portable air filters, tanning curtains, air brushes apart from a range of spray tanning solutions.

There was even a tan eraser that looked like perfumed erasers you see in schools children’s’ bags!

When he finally came out of the day spa, he looked very pleased with his looks. He told me he tipped generously the beautician.

I told him his tan would wear off in about 10 days. He said he is aware of it and looking forward to another trip to the tanning salon.

Ah, I came to that that the beauty artist is very attractive.

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