Thursday, August 02, 2012

How to find blogs of your interest?

Often, my blogging trainees question me who I stay updated all the time in blogosphere. I tell them I read several numbers of blogs daily by subscribing their ESS feed. 

How to find such blogs in the first place? After all, there 
are millions of blogs on all kinds of niche. It would be a herculean task to filter-right?
With so many blogs currently available online it can be difficult to determine which blogs are worth reading and which are not.  Yes, this is definitely difficult. You can eliminate blogs of poor quality only by trial and error. There are no other ways.

Through this blog post, I will share with you my knowledge on finding and selecting blogs to read through search engines, blog directories, Google alerts, Yahoo! Answers and so on.

Using Search Engines to Find Blogs
Search engines are one of the most dependable resources for bloggers to find useful blogs. An Internet user who is looking for a blog on a particular subject can start the process of finding these blogs by entering relevant keywords or phrases into a popular search engine and carefully reviewing the results provided for this search. 

Blog Search Engines:
There are search engines exclusively for blogs.

One simple way the Internet user can use search engines to find blogs relating to a particular subject is to include the word blog with the keywords or phrases entered into the search engine. This will help to filter the search results and may push blogs towards the front of search results. However, Internet users are better off searching for collections of blogs and then searching within these collections for ones of interest.

Finding Blogs on Message Boards
Many Internet users rely on message boards to find interesting and informative blogs. This is because many message board participants who have a blog often find ways to make others aware of this blog. This may either be through the process of incorporating a link to the blog in the message board user’s signature or, when appropriate, supplying the link to the blog directly in the message body of a post on the message board. 

Although many bloggers may take advantage of the opportunity to promote their own blog through message boards, those who are interested in finding new blogs will likely not have time to review all of these blogs. Therefore, it is wise for these Internet users to be somewhat discriminating about the blogs they choose to visit. One way to do this is to only visit blogs of regular forum posters who offer valuable information to the conversations on the message board. 

The Internet user may also wish to avoid blogs which appear to be posted as spam. This is important because these blogs are not only likely poor quality but also visiting these blogs only encourages the blog owner to continue to spam message boards with his link. 

Blogging Communities:
I have found some of the best blogs that I read regularly in several blogging communities.

Making Use of Yahoo! Answers.
Yahoo! Answers is an excellent source to ask for anything. Highly knowledgeable members would be eager to provide answers which are invariably very good.  
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