Monday, August 06, 2012

Santana liked Gallien-krueger amplifiers.

“If Woodstock fame Santana bought gallien-krueger amplifiers, then, it is for me also” said my son who is about to join an amateur band. His dream of performing as a stage guitar player is soon to be a reality.

Since the local music troupe insisted that the guitar player should bring his own amplifiers, my son asked me to search for something light weight. I scoured for amplifier reviews in music related forums and Amazon.

The name Gallien-Krueger kept coming up. I asked around and came to know that Carlos Santana bought Gallien-Krueger amplifiers that were launched in the early seventies. When the movie Woodstock rocked the world, along with Santana, the two engineers Gallien and Kruger too shot to fame.

My son settled for a 200 Watt ultra-light Bass Combo Amp.
Gallien Kruger light weight amplifier

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