Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to write blog posts that people want to share?

Getting on the first page of search engine results page is the goal of every blogger-right?

Since the might Google has changed its indexing algorithm in a major way, old methods of offline SEO have almost become obsolete.  The new SEO method that is preferred by every blogger is social share which means your blog posts should be shared in all the major social media sites and a few other web 2.0 properties by your blog visitors.

Social sharing

This means your blog post should be publicly shared in as many ways as possible:
* Tweeted by others
* Your tweets should be retweeted by your twitter followers
* People should share it on their Facebook walls

* Google plus of hundreds of people should carry your blog post
* Linken and Pinterest sharing is very valuable

How to get this done?
* Your headline should be attention pulling. There are many ways to write such a headline. Email me for a short list.
*Your first line of your blog post should throw a challenge.
*You can reveal a short answer to the challenge in the next paragraph.
* Tell who the blog post is for. Generally, if your target audience is kids and children, it would attract a wide share.
*If you think something is new to you, assume it will be so for at least 1000 people in the world and write about it.
* Spend time to find an apt image.
* Make your blog mobile phone friendly.

Finally, always reveal your source of information or image.

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