Sunday, October 07, 2012

For the best and fresh blog content ideas.

Even passionate bloggers like me sometimes go blank for blog content ideas. At such times, I dig up one of my blog posts published one or two years ago, dust it, proof read, change a little and publish again.

Even though I have compiled a huge resource for blog content ideas, I feel lazy to look them up.

In my continuing quest for compiling ideas and resources for blog content, I stumbled on to yesterday. is the place where people go and ask questions on myriad topics and passionate trouble shooters patiently answer the questions as experts. It is a free platform for ardent knowledge seekers.

I could gather several useful topics for 3 of my blogs that I could not update as frequently as I was due to drying up of ideas to blog about.

Visit and you won;t be able to exit for a minimum of one hour.

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