Sunday, October 28, 2012

Open your own Niche Blog Store.

My own store from which I can sell readymade unique and PLR blogs-this is what I have been looking for. The store is offered for just $15 with 30 plogs preloaded.

Unfortunately, a buyer is not offered to a live dblog for demo purposes. When I raised thsi question to the seller, there is no answer.

Pathetic customer service of C.J.Mollo.
Most of the business offers that I get to know from C.J.Mollow are good but the customer service is a big ZERO. He never replies to queries. I doubt whether he ever opens his email.

I still stay subscribed to his newsletters because at least I stay updated on IM and Blogosphere.

My Niche Blog Store In-A-Box...

This is a readymade Internet business in a box.  A decent income opportunity for those who love Internet marketing.
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