Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Should You Sell a Text Link on Your Blog?

I am sure at least once or twice if not several times, you would have received emails inquiring about your willingness to place text link on one your blog posts or in the sidebar and you are paid money to compensate this action.

It is known as ‘Selling Text Links” that falls under ‘monetization’ of your blog.
Most you would have been thrilled at such opportunities, especially the first one.

The first U.S.Dollar would be remembered for long. However, as you keep selling more text links, you would have read some reports here and there on why you should not sell text links on your blog.

This would have made you worried, first about your past actions and next about loss of revenue. I share below some of the pros and cons of selling links on your blog for money.

The Purpose of those who buy links:
Invariably, it is to get an inbound link from a well ranked blog which would improve the search engine ranking.

If you really don’t mind losing the integrity of your blog, you can accept money to place text links on your blog. In fact, it is a very good way to earn money from your blog. If you place an image ad, you can demand more money.

A text link is really unobtrusive and no space is stolen from your blog as an existing word or a set of words which are already present in your blog post are converted into hyperlink.

To place a text link, you need not put any big effort. It is a matter of a few seconds task.

The Cons:
You are passing on link juice which would certainly affect your existing Google Page rank. The ratio of inbound and outbound links is affected that would cause your blog’s page rank get slapped by the big boss Google.

Since Google views this action as a trick to artificially boost the search engine ranking by the buyer of the text link, you, as a seller would be penalized and get stripped of your search engine position.

Google is frequently updating its algorithm to identify and punish sites that pay for text links and sites that publish text links. Once done, consider yourself floating in the space with no chance return to the earth.

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