Wednesday, November 07, 2012

New facts about zildjian cymbals.

Before I found out who are the leading artists that play zildjian cymbals I stumbled onto some very interesting facts about it in Wikipedia and a few other places on the web. I was surprised to read that zildjian cymbals were founded by an alchemist in Istanbul! If you are curious to know what other interesting facts are, do a search in Wikipedia. 

I accompanied a friend to a music shop yesterday. The shop owner was a very old man who once played cymbals and worked under a famous music director. Without bothering to ask us what we wanted, he went on a talking spree reminiscing about his golden days as a musician.

Though he took up our precious time, we enjoyed his recount and learnt quite a bit about cymbals and drums. When I told him about I read about zildjian cymbals, he appreciated my pre-shopping knowledge.
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