Sunday, November 11, 2012

Which social media is the best for real estate agents?

Which social media marketing is most effective for real estate agents?

I would say that FaceBook leads the pack. This is one area in digital marketing industry where there are no differences of opinions.  If at all there is some dispute, I don't think there would substantial statistics to prove that I am wrong; as a matter of fact, my opinion is echoed by millions of Internet entrepreneurs.

Nevertheless, the most successful realtors who aggressively use FaceBook to market their real estate dealings also use blogging very smartly. Blogs play larger roles in taking your products and services across the netizens.

The next big social media for real estate brokers is of course Pinterest where images and videos are shared with just a click of a button. Pictures of houses and condominiums posted by property dealers catch the eyes of pinterest users instantly. In addition, if I like an image in Pinterest posted by other, I can 'like' it, make a 'comment' and also 'repin' it on my own PIN board. This viral effect proves to be a great benefit for those who market with images.

I know majority of you won't agree when I say Twitter ranks the last in social media bunch as of now.
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