Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why choose Martin X series acoustic guitars?

No, I was not surprised to find an acoustic guitar of martin x series in a teenager’s room. After all, still many youth like to play guitar just to impress girls. When I first saw the guitar with pictures on its body, I thought it looked odd. 
Seeing my raised eyebrows, my relative’s son sheepishly admitted that it is a peculiar choice that many would not approve. The dust on the guitar suggested that it was not touched for some time.

Since my son plays guitar, I picked up bits and pieces about guitars. I remember him mentioning Martin X series acoustic guitar before.  The company that makes them is nearly 180 years old! That must be a highly regarded qualification by the peers of musicians.

I personally feels one must think of an investment when buying a guitar. Beginners should not choose something cheap under the pretext of not using it after learning. When you buy a good acoustic guitar, it would make you to persist with your practice.

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