Monday, December 03, 2012

Professional brochure printing house offers wholesale brochures.

Free folding multi-color brochures
By the time I returned home, I had collected about 50 plus wholesale brochure, presentation folder, single page flyers and nearly 200 business cards. I know what this all means. In the next couple of weeks, I would be the target of all these business representatives bombarding me with their sales pitch. I must find a way to block them.

Whenever I visit one of those highly advertised business exhibitions or home needs events, I find myself attracted by nearly all of the participants’ beautifully designed brochures and product presentation methods.

In fact, I go there only to collect business promotion methods which I try to copy for a few of my offline business ventures.  I pick out two or three stand-out multi-page brochures and using an image editing software, I would try to customize one for myself.

However, I would always end up with a shoddy work which would eventually make me approach a very professional brochure printing house and order wholesale brochures.
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