Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The two best ways to earn money online-part 2.

I did not realize 9 days have lapsed since my last post on two best ways to earn money online. I should have published it much sooner.

Ok, here they are, the topics for blog content that won't dry out for another 20 years minimum.
 * Beauty and Fashion
 * Business Blogging
 * Website traffic
 * Mobile phone applications

It is not necessary to compose blog content completely on your own on these topics or on any topic. Whatever you want to write ahs been already written for you. You can find them on several places in the web.

All you have to do is select blog posts or articles that are already available, rewrite them, add your own experience and publish them as fresh and unique. Doesn't it sound pretty easy?

Is it allowed?
Of course. As long as your rewritten piece is at least 40% original and the title is new and unique, you would get organic traffic.

Now comes the issue of launching a professional looking blog. It means, a premium wordpress theme with some premium plugins. These cost money but you can get such a blog from me with at least 20 PLR content that you need to rewrite and publish.

A sample PLR Niche Blog:

These PLR blogs come with 3 money ways that are AdSense, Amazon and Clickbank.I have more than 60 blogs on different niches. They are your instant Internet business solution provided, you already have:
* Adsense id
* Hosting account

Email me if you need any readymade Niche blogs.

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