Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Burlap sacks-the perfect gifts bags for all occasions.

‘Rugged elegance’-what an appropriate way to describe mini burlap sacks-don’t you agree? When eco friendly burlap sacks are filled with grains or nuts, they certainly add a rugged charm. In addition, you feel like buying the grains such as whole wheat or millet.

This near- forgotten green friendly storage containers need our support to bring them back not only in shopping malls but also in our home. In India, small grocery stores still use burlap sacks. Visitors to India buy them at handicrafts store for a mind boggling price though it is available at very price in wholesale markets.

Of course the trend is slowly changing. With ‘say no to plastics’ campaign in full swing, many big shopping malls give jute based carry bags to their customers.

At weddings, attendees are now given gifts in mini burlap sacks. Actually, I just bought 150 medium sized burlap bags on the occasion of my son’s engagement to be held on 14th of this month.

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