Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bloggers hired by NBC!

Earning money blogging is now history. There are thousands of bloggers who earn a full time income by blogging. I too join the list.

Self confident bloggers can apply for this post. I think most of the experienced sports bloggers would be eager to be a part of NBC. What a boost it will give to their career!

I think NBC is a bit late in hiring bloggers if this is their first recruitment drive for bloggers. Some very big corporate names have their own web writers. Bloggers hired by such big companies would be loving their job, the pay they get and also enjoy their freedom.

I read in a website that is looking for a proven sports blogger and diehard Dodger fan to help us launch a dynamic new blog about all things Dodgers. If` you are a reliable self-starter and can crank out 2-3 crisp, insightful posts a day, please send your resume, links to blog posts and a brief cover letter describing why this position is right for you.

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