Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Get more quality content for your blog by video curation.

Ever since I was fascinated by content curation, I got really busy compiling (it is called curating) curtaion ideas, curation tools and plugins and so on.

Just a few minutes ago, I stumbled onto a video answer for a question that popped up my mind. After I read, oh, rather viewed the video answer, I thought it is a creative idea to promote yourself as an expert , optimize and publicize your digital presence. Once your answer is liked by a viewer, your answers would be first searched for next time.

Are you beginning to get the possibilities?

For a blogger who is looking to fill up his blog with quality and useful content, he can really consider curating video answers and post them in his blog crediting the sources.

Creating your own video playlist
If I have the time and passion, I would first curate the video clips, upload in my favorite video channel and give it an apt name. I would then, make a blog post citing the link to my video play list! Videos has thousands of Educational, Amusing and Practical How To Videos.
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Read how Donna Papacosta received a surge of traffic to one of her video clips on YouTube. Actually, her video link got curated by someone else.

Brilliant blog promotion strategy--right?
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