Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to get free retweets of your Twitter posts.

Irrespective of Google's algorithm updates, bloggers keep believing that getting more social media signals would certainly improve search engine rankings. I follow suit without question.

What are Social media signals?
Tweeters, Facebook members, G+ users, Linkedin connections, Pinners should:
* retweet your twwets,
* like and comment on your FB wall postings,
* add a + to your Google plus posts,
* like and comment on your Linkedin shares and
* repin your Pins

All these actions are called social signals pointing to your blog posts and your other online footprints.

Implications of Google Penguin 2.0
If the social signals come from similar niche social users, you are considered as an authority on your niche. This is what I understood about implications of Google Penguin 2.0

Here is one super easy method to get retweets of your Twitter posts. Just click on the image below, follow the instructions and you are on you way.

Another big use of joining this free traffic exchange program is your Alexa rank would get a boost.

Free Retweets
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